Former world No.1 announced that he will retire from the 2016 season due to a persistent pain in his left wrist. Rafael Nadal will take a break to fully recover and to start his training for the 2017 season.

‘I am forced to stop and to think about 2017’, stated Rafael in a press release published on his Facebook page.

‘I need, once again, to rest and to start preparing in a more intensive manner for the 2017 season’ added the tennis legend, currently ranked as No.6 in ATP.

Rafael Nadal will skip the tournament organized in Basel (Switzerland), wherein 2015 he became a finalist. Also, the Iberian tennis player will not attend the Masters 1000 Paris-Bercy, which premieres on October 31 and lasts until November 6.

However, the most important competition that he will be constrained to watch from home is going to be the Tournament of Champions, set to take place the next month in London and it will reunite the best eight tennis players in the world.

Nadal explained that he was rushed to return to the competition this summer so he could attend the Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro, where he carried the Spanish flagship.

‘It is no secret that I presented at the Olympics without a complete training, but I had to play and to win a medal for Spain. This accelerated recovery generated pains during the next tournaments’ explained the Spaniard.

During his impressive career, the 30-year-old won 14 Grand Slam titles. Nadal played his last ATP in April, in Barcelona and he managed to win the second title of the season.

On Wednesday, the athlete inaugurated in the Balearic Islands a tennis academy that carries his name.