The European Council President Donald Tusk said on Thursday that the exit of the United Kingdom from the European Union will be irreversible if this is the decision of the British government and insisted that negotiations on this issue will not begin until London will not formally trigger the Brexit procedure, forwarded EFE.

‘If this will really be irreversible, it depends only on the British. I would be most happy to be reversible,’ said Tusk at a press conference at the European summit taking place this Thursday and Friday in Brussels, a meeting where Theresa May is participating for the first time as the British government’s head.

Donald Tusk has indicated that he would prefer the EU to continue with its 28 members, but stressed that ‘the decision of the United Kingdom and we must respect the referendum results’, referring to the popular consultation of 23 June that prevailed UK out of the EU, supported by 51.9% of Britons.

Theresa May has reiterated her desire to leave the Union and confirmed that she will activate before the end of March 2017 the Article 50, which allows the initiation of the process.

In this regard, Tusk said that there will be no negotiations until activation of Article 50 and explained that, therefore, the first day of the EU summit on Thursday did not discuss about the Brexit.

‘However, the basic principles, ie the single market and indivisibility of the four EU freedoms remain our firm commitments,’ she added, recalling the position taken by the Union since the referendum results were known.

Once you start the exit procedure, said Tusk, the 27 EU members will meet to discuss a strategy for these negotiations that might extend up to two years and should redefine the EU’s relationship with the United Kingdom.