British immigration control are more concerned about immigration than with maintaining access to the single market, according to a survey released on Tuesday, which adds further proof that the strategy of Prime Minister Theresa May is consistent with the atmosphere in the country, reports Bloomberg.

While Britain prepares to leave the European Union, more than half of adults said that the arrival of foreigners is more worrying than the loss of EU trade benefits, according to the survey conducted by the firm Survation for ITV.

A proportion of 58% of respondents said they agree with the manner in which May treats divorce while only a quarter said they disagree.

The result of the research justifies May’s plan to prioritize immigration control to access to the single market in negotiations after the Brexit.

While the City of London is terrified by the prospect of losing privileges for financial services, the rest of the country fears that the growing number of workers from abroad means jobsless British and lower wages.

The level of migration has always been considered one of the main reasons for the outcome of the referendum of 23 June and the government promised to reduce the number of foreign workers.

In light of the parliamentary elections, May seems more concerned to respect the majority than to protect the interests of the banking world.

The collapse of sterling, which depreciated by 18% since the referendum, does not seem to have discouraged the British about exiting the EU, according to the survey.

If organizing a new referendum, 47% of respondents would vote for an output, compared with 46% who would vote to stay. Another 7% are undecided.

Not all polls are in favor of May’s Prime Policy.

Another poll, published last week, for example, found that most interviewees prefer access to the single market instead of limiting immigration. Both research shows, however, that the British nation is divided.