We all know that Donald Trump literally hates President Obama. Unfortunately, the Republican candidate seems to become the main subject of the joke every single time.

Even the U.S. President took advantage of his most recent TV appearance to make fun of the American tycoon.

During a special edition of Jimmy Kimmel’s talk show, Obama read a series of tweets. Most of them were posted by average people, who entered on Kimmel’s page and shared their opinion about Obama.

But, there was one special post that drew the President’s attention… The extremely funny moment ended with a message published by none other than Donald Trump and it sounded like this: ‘President Obama will be remembered as the worst president in US history’.

Intrigued by Trump’s affirmation, the American state leader responded: ‘At least I’ll be remembered as a president’ and he ‘dropped the mike’. In his case… the smartphone.

After the moment was posted online, the social media was flooded with messages. The Netizens were shocked by Barack’s replica and of course, they started to ridicule the Republican.

The funny moment, entitled ‘Mean Tweets – President Obama Edition’ was followed by an interview. The President was forced to answer Jimmy’s nosy questions but he was extremely casual and seemed to enjoy the ‘interrogation’.

Asked by Kimmel if he considers Trump’s TV appearances funny, Obama said: ‘Most times’.

‘I do not write on Twitter at 03:00 in the morning the names of the people who insult me’, added the U.S. president.

‘He was forced to take a break from his efforts to rig the elections’, said Kimmel about Obama’s participation in the show.