Arna Yr Jonsdottir did not hesitate to call it quits after the organizers of the beauty pageant suggested that she should lose the extra pounds.

Arna managed to become a finalist in the ‘Miss Grand International’ beauty pageant and she was one of the favorites.

The blonde was convinced that she’s doing well and the jury is pleased by her performances. The 20-year-old was shocked to discover they thought that she is chubby.

According to, one of the organizers hinted to Arna that she should quit on the breakfast and eat only salad if it’s possible.

Arna claims that the owner of the beauty organization ‘liked her and wanted her to do well in the competition’. But for her ‘to do well,’ she must lose the weight.

Outraged by the affirmations the model decided to retire from the competition because there is nothing wrong with her body.

After she announced the judges, Arna posted a message on her Facebook page, in which she said that she is proud of her body and she will not change it in any way.

‘If the producer wants me to lose weight and does not like the way I look, then they don’t deserve me as one of the finalists. Yes, my shoulders are a little bit wider than the other girls, but that’s because I was a member of the national athletics team’, said Miss Iceland.

Looking at Arna’s pictures we are not able to understand why the organizers required her to lose weight because she is smoking hot!