The General Secretary of NATO Jens Stoltenberg stated on Wednesday that ‘all the allies’ are worried about the Russian fleet heading towards the eastern Mediterranean, amid fears that it could attack Syrian city of Aleppo, forward EFE

‘All Allies are aware of our concern and they expressed their fears regarding the attacks on Russian city of Aleppo’, said Stoltenberg after she arrived at the NATO meeting, that reunited defense ministers from all state members.

According to Reuters, Stoltenberg highlighted that is Spain’s responsibility to decide whether to allow the Russian fleet, that is heading towards Syria to refuel in the Spanish port of Ceuta. According to the General Secretary, Madrid is aware of this issue and will adopt the necessary measures.

‘It is for each nation to decide, this is the policy of NATO for many years, but we are concerned about the possibility of this fleet to intensify the attacks against the civilians from Aleppo. All Allies are aware of our concerns’, added the NATO chief.

British Defense Minister, Michael Fallon expressed his ‘deep concern’ on Wednesday regarding the Russian fleet.

‘We would be deeply concerned if any NATO member would consider assisting a group of carriers by the sea that could bomb Syria’s civilian population’, stated Fallon at the meeting in Brussels.

‘NATO should remain united’, insisted the British leader.

Spain is under serious pressure because, most of the times, the port of Ceuta allows the Russian vessels to use their territory.