In a former five-storey bunker built in the National Socialist era in Berlin was created a replica of the office where Adolf Hitler committed suicide by swallowing cyanide offering a wide documentation about the history of Nazism, reported EFE.

Entitled ‘Dokumentation Führerbunker’, an exhibition which embodies the period of the Second World War in Germany, where the construction of the Nazi leader’s bunker from the end of the Third Reich was presented Thursday to the press.

The exhibition presents authentic photographs from that period and it was filled with pictures from the German film ‘Untergang’ ( ‘Fall’), which perfectly depicted the last days of Hitler spent in his refuge.

Besides the replenishment of Hitler’s original office, where you can see original newspapers from that era, an oxygen tank and a portrait of King Wilhelm II, the staff also presented a model that featured the original structure of Hitler’s bunker.

It remains a mystery since it was buried under the rubble after the Russians demolished all the buildings in that area during the Second World War.

The bunker, built between 1943 and 1944 near the iconic Brandenburg Gate, measured 2,700 square meters and nearly 30 rooms.

Its position was strategic, surrounded by government buildings, with numerous underground passages related and other smaller bunkers. It is difficult to know the precise location of the bunker, with only a complex of buildings indicating the approximate location.