During his two presidential terms, President Barack Obama was surprised in many funny and corky situations, leaving the paparazzi’s extremely pleased because they managed to obtain the funniest shots.

Playing soccer, swimming, making sandwiches for pupils or struggling to convince Prince George to shake hands represent just a small part of the times in which Barack Obama revealed his softer side.

We are pretty that the next American President will not have his charisma and his unique presence.

Although the battle between the former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and American reality-TV star Donald Trump is still underway, we are trying to escape from the frenzy of the upcoming elections while we commemorate the funniest moments of Barack Obama.

In these pictures the most powerful man in the world you can see the Obama as a normal human being, not just President Obama.

Peter Souza, the official photographer of the presidential administration stated that in the eight years of Barack Obama’s administration he shot two million photos, inform Twisted Sifter.

From these, 6,600 were published on the official White House Flickr account.

The artist surprised the state leader in the most sincere and emotional moments. 16 of them became viral and, according to Souza, these are his favorite shots.

The most memorable pictures have to be the one from a Father’s Day event when Barack Obama made a picture with a 10-year-old boy who fell asleep at the table. The U.S. President was so amused by the moment he didn’t want to miss the chance to pose with the child.