After the baby was born, the Romanian doctors noticed the baby doesn’t have a face and they decided to transfer the rare case from Botosani to Iasi.

The doctors from the Romanian city of Botosani have never imagined that would confront with such an unusual situation, which according to them, is the eighth case of this kind that was reported in the world until now.

Although the mother was aware the baby will come into this world with a few health problems, she never thought that the fetus could have such a terrible malformation.

In her first trimester, the woman was advised by her gynecologist to run a series of tests in Cluj, where the specialists recommended a miscarriage.

At the facility in Cluj, she made a series of fetal ultrasounds and an MRI and the doctors noticed clearly the child had a number of defects. Although the woman knew her baby was not 100% healthy she wanted it so bad, she decided to continue with the pregnancy.

Now, the baby is one-month-old and the doctors diagnosed him with a chronic facial and cranial malformation.

Currently, the newborn is hospitalized at the Children’s Hospital from Iasi, where he already went through an intervention earlier this week.

The surgery, which took place on Monday lasted eight hours.

‘The child does not have the central area of the face and a mouth ceiling. These cases are extremely rare. Basically, the ones that are declared and known in the world are eight and in Romania is the first case of its kind‘, said the  manager of the Pediatric Hospital St. Mary Radu Terinte for Digi 24.

‘The newborn arrived with a severe craniofacial malformation and immediately after arriving he went through a surgery’, declared the pediatrician.