The worst nightmare of the arachnophobics came true. This humongous spider is quite real and it was discovered on a farm in Australia.

The gruesome images were spotted by the farm owner and show the giant spider climbing on a broom.

The farm workers nicknamed the creature ‘Charlotte’ and this is literally like the worst nightmare of an arachnophobic.

The images were taken in October, but they were released on social media earlier this week.

The photos became viral and most users are having troubles in imagining that such creature exists in real life.

‘Why did you touch that horrible creature!?!?’, commented one of the users.

Others were impressed by its incredible size, suggesting that a ginormous spider-like ‘Charlotte’ is extremely rare.

It seems that ‘Charlotte’ is part of the ‘Huntsman’ species. These spiders do not pose a threat to people and they live in places like Australia or in temperate and tropical zones.

The venom of these spiders is not toxic to humans. The only thing that makes them run wild when they see such an impressive specimen is their size.

Generally, these spiders feed on vertebrates such as lizards, rodents or birds.

A ‘huntsman’ spider is quick and can move sideways on smooth surfaces. Its color is brown and dark gray.

The feet are large, spiky, hairy and they can easily rotate their hips. A similar species is Heteropoda ventoria.charlotte