While some husbands succeeded to tolerate their wives while shopping, most of them hate to follow them from one shop to another.

Those who became the shadows of their wives, escape quite easily in comparison to other men who, literally, become ‘the pegs’ of the women they love.

This type of man can be detected very easy in malls. We are talking about that unfortunate who can barely breathe because of the pile of bags in his arms, while his wife is ecstatic because she found that certain accessory that she wanted since ‘ever’.

It seems that in China, the men escaped from the ordeal to accompany their wives to a shopping session. More specifically, in the city of Shenzen, men created the so-called ‘daycares for husbands’.

These ‘daycares’ are resting centers for men exhausted after a session of carrying bags or for those who simply just hate to hear the word ‘shopping’.

According to Chinese media, these rest stations have been launched since 2010 and the faces of men in the pictures are priceless!

They are the exact opposite of the men from the mall, ready to develop a massive panic attack in every single moment.

Recently, such a center was inaugurated in Guigang and the male population couldn’t be happier.

While their wives are wandering in stores, they can enjoy a relaxing atmosphere, have a drink, enjoy a video game and last but not least, they have the option to watch a football match.