The innovations and experiments in the mobile industry were almost synonymous with ‘Nokia’ in the mid-2000’s, but these aspects of the company were lost after they were acquired by Microsoft.

Over the years, the ‘Lumia’ launched a series of hi-tech improvements in the electronic field, but the new management team banned the Finish engineers from developing new types of products.

Apparently, the Finish experts invented numerous product and concepts, that did not have the chance to hit the market because of Microsoft, including smart watch Moonraker. The images with the upcoming hi-tech device were leaked on social media.

Three years ago, various rumors claimed that Nokia is working on a smartwatch that includes a Windows Phone software.

They codenamed it ‘Moonraker’ and it was launched on social media a few days ago. Despite the fact that the hi-tech accessory has not been officially released, the unit launched a Chinese website seems to be fully functional and presented as a finished product.

The ‘Moonraker’ borrows a series of elements from the Windows Phone, keeping the most simplistic interface and the operating system from Microsoft. The watch is offering limited functionality and includes almost everything that an average user needs. We are talking about integration with Facebook, a series of mobile functions, music monitoring, e-mail, and SMS.

The interface does not include icons but rather vertically arranged menus, separated in the middle of the main screen, which displays a picture and time.