The head of this ‘fresh new’ state known as Liberland claims that he was not able to enter in his country for more than a year.

According to President Vit Jedlicka, he was not allowed to enter in the country that he leads, due to a series of threats initiates by the Croatian government.

According to British newspaper Daily Mail, Jedlicka could not even obtain the right to visit ‘his land of bogs’ because the Croatian authorities have accused him of trespassing.

At one point, the 32-year-old politician was arrested and fined by the Croatian authorities while he was trying to flee to Liberland.

The extraordinary case was moved to a court, and for more than a year, is in a stage of examination. Until the judges will establish a verdict, the president of Liberland is unable to travel to his country because he might be detained by the Croatian officers.

Known as the Free Republic of Liberland, the state is situated between Croatia and Serbia and is a self-proclaimed ‘micro-nation’.

The territory, which measures 7 km² is located on the west bank of the Danube and is covered by forests.

The region, which is the home of the citizens of Liberland was apparently ‘forgotten’ in 1990 when the Balkan Peninsula was divided into two countries.

Vit Jedlicka is the founder and president of Liberland. He is also a member of the Free Citizens Party and became famous worldwide after he founded the new state.

Thousands of people have applied online to become citizens of Liberland, but nobody knows exactly what that means.