For a very long time, the sex icon was considered the most woman of the past century. Her seductive look, her perfect curves, and her elegant gestures sparked the imagination of men from all around the world.

In a recent study, conducted by a British cosmetic brand, 1,000 Britons were asked to tell their opinion on who is the most beautiful woman of the century.

Surprisingly, the people did not place Marilyn Monroe in the first position. Her place was taken by British supermodel Cara Delevingne reported The Mirror.

The survey was initiated by cosmetics company NKDb and showed that 66% of the participants believed makeup helps celebrities to look better. Although she gathered thousands of votes, Cara also attracted negative opinions.

‘I do not see how Cara could defeat Marilyn Monroe and Audrey Hepburn, its crazy. Both were examples of beauty, while Cara has the eyebrows of Liam Gallagher.’, commented one of the users.

Another amazing detail of the study unveiled how women who lived in another era are still major opponents of the supermodels of today.

This proves that they remained true symbols of beauty and they are still setting massive standards in the style and fashion industry.

More than 1.000 men between 18 and 65 believe 24-year-old mode Cara is the most beautiful woman on Earth. Cara is the ultimate tripe threat. Besides the fact that she is a successful model she also starred in movies and produced a few songs.