The experts told her that there is an extremely high probability that she is not going to become able to conceive.

Kate Hill’s case turned into a very rare medical miracle after the Australian doctors found that she got pregnant twice within 10 days.

Recently, she gave birth to twin girls, who were conceived a few days away, reports The Telegraph and BBC News.

Kate started a hormone treatment, specialized for polycystic ovarian disease triggered when she got pregnant.

During the treatment, she became pregnant twice, on different days, although affirm the couple had unprotected sex only once in all that time.

From a medical standpoint, it is known that twins are born when the woman’s body releases two eggs simultaneously, or in exceptional cases when the fertilized egg are dividing in two.

There are very rare cases such as this when the woman can still release an egg after the first fertilization since those nine months of pregnancy stops the ovulation process.

If one of the eggs becomes fertilized the second has a new task. There is evidence that only ten such cases have been found so far.

‘I did not realize how great are the girls, only after they were born. There are definitely a miracle ‘, said Kate.

The twins, born 10 months ago, had different sizes and weights.

Her gynecologist said that he never was confronted with a situation of this scale, and was forced to inform via the Internet.