Even if they invested tens of millions of dollars in the production, they all missed little details during the final edit.

In most case, the producers neglected these slight mistakes or they simply could not eliminate the errors.

For example, in ‘Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back’ there is a mistake that director George Lucas failed to eliminate, not even after the film has been re-launched.

Here are some of the most significant omissions:

  1. In ‘Braveheart’ most characters are wearing the traditional ‘kilt’, despite the fact the action takes place long before this garment was launched in Scotland.1
  2. In ‘Django Unchained’ the hero is wearing a pair of sunglasses model, which did not exist at that time.2
  3. ‘Saving Private Ryan’ includes scenes in which we see that the paratroopers wearing black boots. Black boots were introduced in the U.S. Army in 1950.3
  4. In ‘American Hustle’ one of the characters is wearing a Rolex, which did not exist in the 1970’s. The model was launched in 2010.4
  5. Most British soldiers from ‘Zulu’ are shaved, even though the action of the movie takes place in an era when facial hair was considered the manliest thing and for the army recruits represented a literal standard. 5
  6. Jim Morrison the lead singer of ‘The Doors’ wore a pair of Ray-Ban Aviators almost every single time.  However, in “The Doors”, the movie, he appears with another pair of sunglasses.6
  7. ‘Glory’, a film in which the action takes place during the American Civil War in the 19th century, a soldier is wearing a digital watch. 7
  8. ’Alien’ includes a scene, in which character the hoodie underneath the helmet of a soldier disappears in the following scenes.8
  9.  ‘The Magnificent Seven’ includes a scene in which a Comanche Indian native has a ‘Mohawk’ hairstyle, although this ridge was usually worn by men from the Pawnee tribe.9