Today it’s been 25 years since the death of the legend – Freddie Mercury.

‘I do not expect to reach 70. It would be boring!’, said the one who lived 45 years as others do in ten lifetimes.

This year Mercury would have reached the age of 70. But he didn’t get the chance to get bored.

‘Boredom is the worst disease in the world’, the legend said. And we might say that Freddie died chasing anti-boredom.

‘If I wasn’t famous, I would have done the same things I’ve been doing so far’, Freddie says when referring to his crazy lifestyle.

The ‘mercurial miracle’ only lasted 45 years and it also wore another name: Queen – the band that struck the world long and wide.

Queen is a British rock music band composed by Freddie Mercury, Brian May, Roger Taylor and John Deacon.

Queen became extremely known although it was initially heavily criticized and even ignored.

In 2001 the band was given the fame it really deserved. Queen gain its place among the best rock’n’roll artists of all time, in Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Gallery, located in Cleveland, Ohio.

Freddie was famous for the way he dominated the scene, but he was totally different in private life. The showman was replaced by a shy guy, suspicious and defending his privacy with an obsessive tenacity.

There was even a time when he shrank to meet other people, because he feared they might be disappointed that he is not what he appears to be on stage.

‘I do not want to shatter the illusion’,  he said. ‘I’m kind of a chameleon. A combination of several characters. And a man of extremes’.