Bee Lucie works as a luxury escort who offers sexual services only to ‘nerds’, gamers and science-fiction enthusiasts.

The young woman became so successful she is now charging $5.000 per day. According to Lucie, she chose this job because she loved video games and comic books since she was just a little girl.

The not-so-usual occupation includes gaming sex session, virtual reality pornography or dressing up in various characters, such as Catwoman.

The list of available services and fees is displayed on Bee Lucie’s official website. The cheapest price demanded for an hour of pleasure is $600.

On her website, customers get the chance to write a review meant to describe the moments spent with Lucie.

The luxury escort lives in Sydney, Australia and among her customers, she is known as ‘The Goddess of Nerds’. Many of these clients met Lucie at the Comic Can festival, at numerous conventions and festivals held in the Australian city.

The next event Bee will attend is a ceremony in Melbourne called Sexpo, where is plans to provide sexual services for adults in virtual reality.

However, according to her, not every aspect of her job is that pleasant. She was the victim on cyber bullying since she started this. Luckily for her, Lucie enjoys the support and the love of her family.