The fans of Duchess of Cambridge have surely noticed a curious aspect: regardless the event, the context or the attire worn by Kate Middleton, her nails are always nude or natural looking.

The explanation of this intriguing aspect is the strict guide established by the British Royal House and Kate wants to respects every single detail of the Decalogue.

Before becoming a duchess, Kate was forced to give up on many things, even on small pleasures such as wearing colored nail polish.

Kate is not allowed to wear fake nails or to color them in all sorts of shades because at the Palace, colored nails are considered vulgar.

This is just another mystery regarding the royal etiquette adopted by the members of the Royal House.

A month ago, users were intrigued by the mysterious reason of why Kate cannot serve as a bridesmaid at Pippa’s wedding.

When Kate Middleton married Prince William in 2011, the sister of the Duchess of Cambridge, Pippa Middleton, was her bridesmaid.

She joined the bride at the altar, carrying the impressive train while millions of people were watching her.

Next year, is Pippa’s turn to get married and to be the center of attention. Unfortunately, her sister Kate even if she will attend the wedding she will not be able to become Pippa’s bridesmaid.

The 33-year-old and her beau James Matthews will say ‘I do’ in 2017. According to The Mirror, the Duchess of Cambridge is not allowed to become Pippa’s maid of honor because she is married.

According to the Royal House etiquette, a married woman or one who passed the so-called age of marriage is not allowed to adopt the maid of honor status.