No wonder they say that men are like wine: the older they get, the better they look.

Bored Panda guys have made a compiled list of 10 hot middle-aged men who look nothing less than absolutely stunning!

Their carefully fresh haircuts, perfect abs, free from wrinkles skins, the men in the photo gallery below could very well debut as models for major fashion houses, although they have reached the age that others would start thinking about retirement.

Some of these hot ‘grandfathers’ were models in their youth, but others only started after 45-years-old , as the case of Philippe Dumas, aged 60, whose beard earned him a contract in the modeling industry.

Most men in the gallery own Instagram accounts, so you better give them a follow request as fast as possible! You would like for sure to show their pictures to your lover to keep him motivated.

But who is the man who lately drove the internet insane? Gianlucca Vachhi, 50-year-old and hot as hell!

Recently, more and more pictures and videos presenting an ‘old man’ dancing on a yacht with his gorgeous brunette wife, appeared on Facebook and Instagram.

Gianluca Vacchi became extremely popular in Italy and beyond. He is not an actor or a showman, but an extremely wealthy businessman, an heir of a world empire of a packaging multinational company. His wealth revolves around a six-digit zeros fortune.

Vacchi was born in 1967 in Bologna, he has a degree in economics and entrepreneurial business. He is a great lover of tattoos, he is friends with many celebrities, models and football players and he became famous really fast on the internet because of his fancy lifestyle. He has over 630 thousand followers on Instagram.