While Angelina is consoled by Johnny Depp, Brad found happiness in Kate Hudson’s arms

The divorce of Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt was the most unexpected news, but it seems that the two have found solace in the arms of other partners.

If the actress began a romance with Johnny Depp, whom her children call ‘dad Johnny’, Brad has found happiness next to fellow actress Kate Hudson.

American tabloid ‘National Enquirer’ wrote that Angelina began a relationship with her current partner while they were filming for ‘The Tourist’, who recently divorced from Amber Heard.

The star from ‘Pirates of the Caribbean’ approached Angelina Jolie immediately after the press announced her divorce and even hired a lawyer to represent Jolie in court.

According to inside sources, it seems that both Angelina and Johnny are getting along just great and she is fascinated by the famous actor. Moreover, her six children with Brad Pitt consider Johnny their ‘father’.

The publication suggested that a marriage between Jolie and Depp is not an excluded option. Deep is making frequent visits to Angelina’s place and he spends a lot of his time with her children.

Brad Pitt is not that miserable either. A close friend of the actor revealed that the blonde found his happiness in the arms of Kate Hudson.

American magazine ‘Woman’s Day’ wrote that Hudson is the mystery woman from the actor’s life, who managed to make him smile again.

‘Kate is Brad’s mystery woman. They became very close in these recent weeks after several secret meetings’, revealed the source.