Every year, Pantone US Institute announces the top ten shades which will be found in areas ranging from fashion to interior design during the next year.

The predictions were reflected in international presentations of most famous brands for spring-summer 2017. They are mostly natural tones like khaki, kale or primrose.

The trends in colors are set by the American Institute Pantone every year and they are not only influence fashion and interior design but are reflected in architecture, as happened during 2016.

Pantone Fashion Color report provided an overview of how the great fashion designers will use colors to produce the creations for the seasons that follow.

Designed as an essential guide dedicated to those who want to be fashionable, the report nuances the essential colors in the fashion industry. Described as a mix of vitality, relaxation and extraordinary natural landscapes, the best colors next year cover an extensive variety of tones.

‘One of the things I noticed this year was a revitalized sense of imagination, far from the traditional’, Leatrice Eiseman, the executive director of Pantone said.

‘Reminiscences of nature nuances that surround us evoke a whole spectrum of emotions and feelings. From the warmth of sunny days found in the primrose yellow to the refreshing shade of kale, and the desire to escape the pure waters of Paradise Island, the designers applied all of these colors in a playful manner, but at the same time they made well-thought and precise combinations in order to capture the promises of hope and transformation we long for every spring’, Leatrice added.