Vladimir Putin’s spokesman, Dmitry Peskov, is apparently ‘on thin ice’ after he found himself dragged in a media scandal, which was caused by his wife, a former Olympic ice skater.

She sparked controversy for wearing during a Russian TV show, a costume inspired by the uniforms worn in the concentration and extermination camps of the Holocaust, according to The Guardian.

Tatiana Nakva and her partner, the actor Andrei Burkovski, appeared in striped uniforms, with yellow stars, during the television show ‘Ice Age’, where celebrities are supposed to ice skate.

The song on which the two skated, entitled ‘Beautiful That Way’, written by the Israeli singer Achinoam ‘Noa’ Nini, is inspired by the Italian movie ‘La Vita e Bella’, that won an Oscar.

In the movie, a father of Hebrew origin pretends for the sake of his son, that the deportation of their family in the Nazi camp, is only a part of an elaborate game.

During the performance, Navka and Burkovski smiled and mimed as they pretended to shoot each other in front of an imaginary child. Burkovsky left the scene as the sounds of shooting weapons continued.

The performance was harshly and intensely criticized in the media and also on social networks. The producers of the Channel One television station, that broadcasted the ‘Ice Age’ show were also harshly criticized.

Many Twitter users published acid comments on their social media accounts and sent angry messages to the Russian Embassies all over the world.