If in the 90’s the main source of inspiration for women when it came to ‘hair’ was Rachel (played by Jennifer Aniston) from ‘Friends’,  in the early 90’s, Princess Diana represented a fashion icon for women worldwide.

Princesses have always been admired for their spectacular outfits and impeccable hairstyles. Princess Diana was also the most beloved and appreciated royal member, not only for her fashion style but also for her kindness. Due to her pure soul and the desire to spread kindness, she was dubbed the ‘Princess of Hearts’.

Since she passed away, in her place we admire her daughter-in-law, the Duchess of Cambridge, who is always a charming appearance.

But what is the story behind Diana’s iconic hairstyle, which became extremely popular in the early 90’s.

Sam McKnight was the stylist responsible for Princess Diana’s hair, and he recently released a book entitled ‘Hair by Sam McKnight’.

‘Mary Greenwell and I were told it was someone important, but we had no idea who’, writes Sam McKnight in his new book. ‘We guessed it might be Margaret Thatcher, and then Diana walked in.’, added the stylist.

Recently, he told Daily Mail that he met Princess Diana at a photo shoot in 1990, where Patrick Demarchelier was the photographer. For that pictorial, Sam McKnight styled Diana’s medium length hair, giving her a shorter cut.

Diana loved the hairstyle so much, she asked Sam to fix her hair in the exact same style.