Death is a phenomenon that arouses both fear and curiosity, so it is impossible not to think of the states through which a person goes when facing it.

Over the time, researchers have been trying to find out what happens during the last minute of life and the conclusion they reached is incredible.

According to the American Society of Chemists, the sensation people feel a minute before dying is the same as when watching a horror movie. The brain reacts the same in both cases.

Fear has an interesting effect on the body. When you have this feeling, your senses send signals to the thalamus, a brain area involved in the takeover of all your nerve impulses.

The body tries its best to survive, but it cannot find the solution to cling onto.

Adrenaline significantly increases in the last 60 seconds of life, especially when a person has an accident or is attacked by someone.

Yelling would be the first reaction of the body in such moments. Just like in horror movies. The characters threatened by the killer start screaming, although they are aware that this reaction will not save them.

To reach a better understanding of this phenomenon, researchers have provided an example.

When a person is hit or even killed, the heart and breathing stop, but the brain is still functioning.

Apparently, this is why those who have returned from clinical death said they saw a saving light. If doctors intervene at this stage, the person can be revived.