A man, aged 39, from San Antonio, California, died after he intervened in a fight, in an attempt to save a woman who was physically aggressed.

He was waiting in the car as his wife went into the store when Isidro Zarate noted that somewhere in the parking lot, there was a very intense discussion between a man and a woman.

Soon, Isidro saw the man as he grabbed the victim by the hair and began to beat her. Isidro headed to the spot and told the man to take his hands off the woman, but the aggressor removed them only to take his gun, according to The Washington Post.

‘Zarate only told the man to take his hands off her. Immediately after, the man took his gun and started shooting’, said the police chief officer in San Antonio, McManus.

A bullet perforated Zarate’s neck and killed him.

The woman who was in the car with Zarate was also wounded after the fire. Another woman, who was in the parking lot at the time of the incident, was also wounded. They had serious injuries but will recover quickly.

The suspect was identified by the police as Teles Mandan Juarez, aged 21-years-old. Despite running from the crime scene, Juarez was pursued by police helicopters and arrested about 16 km away from the parking lot of Walmart. He was convicted for assault and murder.

On the other hand, Zarate’s wife, Lisa Benavides had no idea what was happening outside the shop. When she returned to the parking lot and saw the crime scene, she was led by the police to the car to be told what happened.

Through tears running down her face, Benavides told The Washington Post that she was shocked by her husband’s violent death, but she was not surprised by his gesture of helping out that woman: ‘He always encouraged people to be good’.