A while ago, some of the largest banks in London began to take special measures to protect themselves from online attacks, concerning the fact that hackers have access to more and more dangerous tools.

More specifically, they buy Bitcoins to be able to pay those who threaten producing cyber attacks and those using ransomware.

But not all banks have prepared to deal with online attacks. Those at Valartis Bank from Liechtenstein seem to have huge problems now, giving the fact that a group of hackers managed to enter the bank’s security systems.

According to The Register website, hackers started blackmailing customers, telling them that they will disclose their account information and various banking transactions if they do not pay a certain amount of money.

The bank has been sold earlier this year by Valartis Group to Citychamp Watch & Jewelry Group Ltd, a company in Hong Kong.

Apparently, hackers have required about 10% of the amount of money in each bank account of every client, to be delivered as Bitcoins until December 7. Bank officials have not yet offered an official statement, but they have already informed the authorities about the gravity of this situation.

From October until now, the criminals managed to steal a large amount of information about customers. Hackers claim that could reveal big cases of tax evasion and paying them Bitcoins will protect both themselves and the victims of blackmailing.

For the moment, we have no information whether the payments have been already made or not.