President Rodrigo Duterte encountered serious problems during an official visit in the southern region of Philippines.

The president’s official column was attacked in Manila by a group of militants.

At least seven bodyguards and two officers were wounded during the attack, reports the Daily Mail.

‘My guards represented a target for an ambush from a while now. The presidential security group was hit by an improvised explosive device’, stated the Tagalog state leader.

According to AFP, Duterte’s security team headed towards the town of Marawi to secure the area before the president’s arrival.

The attack occurred in an area where a group of militants who swore allegiance to the terrorist organization Islamic State established its headquarters.

‘I’m still heading towards there. The advice was to postpone (visit – n.r.), but I said no. We will travel on the same way if possible’ said Duterte.

Following the attack, members of the press office of the presidency were also wounded. This summer, the terrorist organization from Philippines threatened to attack the Miss World pageant, set to take place in 2017, in Philippine.

The appeal was initiated by one of the militants and it also included the most unusual guide. The instruction manual was teaching people how to make a DIY bomb.

Just like an aggressive form of cancer, the Islamic terrorist organization ISIS, deepens its roots in Central Asia through the passages from Pakistan and Afghanistan.