A Catholic charity organization from Germany is trying to convince the Bavarians to replace Santa with St. Nicholas.

The religious cult created in the German city a ‘Father-Christmas-free zone’.

The unusual event took place in Passau and included a parade in honor of St. Nicholas, even if the real celebration is on December 6. According to Bonifatiuswerk St. Nicholas is considered more representative for the Germans when it comes to celebrating Christmas and Santa Claus is a real danger for young Germans, who prefer the Anglo-Saxon representation of ‘Father Christmas’.

Bonifatiuswerk believes that the character dressed in red and white is more commercial and less religious.

Members argue that the original figure of Saint Nicholas has much deeper meanings in comparison to the rush of gifts generated by Santa Claus, which is why they want to persuade young people to give up sympathy for Santa.

The representatives of the catholic organization Bonifatiuswerk in Germany claim that Santa Claus ‘is an invention of the advertising industry designed to boost the sales of the companies’. Apparently, Santa is a symbol of a ‘consumer society that has little to do with the historical figure of St. Nicholas’, who is the one who originally inspired the tradition.

The intentions to support the organization generated a TV campaign, which enjoys the support of several German celebrities. ‘Unlike Santa Claus, Saint Nicholas gives children inner values, not just the desire to strive for material wealth’, explained a German TV host for The Telegraph.