If you are the proud possessor of a VISA card you should be aware of the alarming risk that could leave without with zero pennies and without the required information to recover it.

Cyber criminals have the ability to obtain top secret data from a Visa card in just six seconds, according to a group of researchers from the Newcastle University.

To initiate the theft, the crooks need your 16 digit card number, which can be obtained in several ways. These criminals are able to buy such numbers on the black market: a card number costs less than $1 or they can simply use a smartphone equipped with an NFC reader.

Another method became extremely popular these days: the first six digits are based on the model and the type of your card, while the rest can be deduced with a verification formula known as the ‘Luhn’ algorithm.

Once the attacker has the 16 digit code, he needs less than four seconds to find the expiration date and the CVV code. If the process requires your address, given that some websites use this information as an additional security measure, then the individual needs six seconds to steal the data.

The technique is based on web bots that make random tests on about 400 websites that accept card payments.

From these 400, 26 sites include only two fields in the verification process, while other 291 are using three fields.

 First bots find the expiry date trials, which did not last very long, given that VISA is usually valid for 60 months.

Because many sites want the buying process to be as simple as possible, they allow their customers to miswrite their information for about 50 times.