The 30-year-old diva revealed that she is suffering from posttraumatic stress Syndrome. The most disturbing part is the cause that triggered this disorder. Apparently, Gaga was the victim of a sexual abuse when she was just 19.

The blonde decided to come clean during an official visit at a humanitarian center in New York.

‘I have a mental illness and I struggle with this every day. The trauma in my life helped me to understand the traumas of others’, said the artist during an interview with ‘Today’.

‘I suffer from posttraumatic stress syndrome. I never said this to anyone before’, added the famous singer.

Apparently, the ‘Poker Face’ author was raped when she was 19 by a music producer. Although she refused to disclose his identity, the event changed her life dramatically.

‘Today I shared my deepest secret. Secrets are sick’, wrote the star in a message posted on social media.

Last week, Lady Gaga offered her full support to gay rights, shortly after Donald Trump won the presidency.

Gaga told BBC: ‘We are going to do everything that we can to protect the social progress we have made over the last eight years’.

The singer is an avid supporter of the LGBTQ community. During the presidential campaign ,she expressed her support for Hillary Clinton and joined the protests organized in front of the Trump Tower after the result of the election was published.

The visit at the Ali Forney Center in Brooklyn is part of the campaign initiated by the ‘Born This Way’ Foundation.