Students from Ghetto Film School New York City had the surprise of their lives on Tuesday.

They thought this is another typical boring class but their jaws, literally, dropped after they saw that Jennifer Lawrence and Chris Pratt showed up in the classroom.

The two stars thought that a Q & A will motivate the young actors to follow their footsteps and to not give up on their dreams.

According to Page Six, the boarding staff required the students to do the mannequin challenge before the Hollywood A-listers entered the room.

J.Law and her partner in crime were greeted by a wave of applause and overwhelmed by hugs and of course… the customaries selfies.

The institution based in South Bronx and L.A was founded by a non-profit organization back in 2000.

The main purpose of the institution is to educate, progress and shape the next generation. According to the American tabloid, besides their headquarters from Los Angeles, they also have a premise in South Bronx.

Despite the fact they are extremely busy promoting their latest blockbuster, the ‘Passengers’ stars reserved a little bit of time to score good some deeds.

The other week, Chris and Jennifer stopped by the Ronald McDonald Foundation in New York City.

‘It was my absolute pleasure to spend some time getting to know these wonderful children and their families. I’ll have you all in my prayers. The staff at @rmhnewyork is so incredible. You’re doing #godswork.’, shared Pratt on his Instagram official page.

The big launch of ‘Passengers’ is set to take place on December 21st.