The Syrian militants of the ISIS are planning an attack in the UK and its allies, while Russia is trying to destroy President Bashar al-Assad’s opponents by ravaging Syria, said the MI6 head Alex Younger quoted on Thursday by Reuters.

This is Younger’s first public statement since he took over the reign of the British security service in 2014, who said that Britain is facing an unprecedented terrorist threat, presenting as examples more than 12 attempted attacks registered since June 2013.

‘Currently, Daesh’s view regarding a potential external attack, although they are facing serious military threats, they are still exploring ways to initiate violence acts against the United Kingdom and its allies without having to leave Syria’, stated the MI6 chief at the headquarters situated in the heart of London.

According to Younger, Russia and the Syrian President want to prevent a victory against the Islamic State group and the end of the Civil War by labeling all opponents of Bashar Al-Assad as terrorists.

‘Russia and the Syrian regime are trying to create a desolated area and call it peace. We cannot feel safe with threats emanating from that place unless they end the Civil War’, added Younger.

When it came to cooperation between the foreign intelligence services of the US and the European Union in the context of ‘Brexit’ and Donald Trump’s victory in the presidential election from 8th November, Alex Younger ruled for ‘continuity’.

‘I decided to remain an available and highly effective partner of MI6. These partnerships save lives in our countries’, explained the expert.