President Park Geun-Hye Dismissed

The dismissal motion was initiated on Thursday by the South Korean MP’s and received the approval of 234 lawmakers from a total of 300 members of the National Assembly.

Despite the fact, the motion only required a minimum of 200 votes the resolution was supported by 234 determined politicians of the South Korean Government.

The motion suspends Park Geun-Hye’s authority as the president of South Korea.

In the motion, Park is accused of violating the Constitution and a number of other offenses ranging from failure to protect people, to corruption and abuse of power. The document was submitted to vote in the National Assembly on Friday morning.

Park said she would accept the dismissal of parliament, as long as she will remain in the presidential office while the motion will be reviewed by the Constitutional Court. According to the international press, the official procedure could take months.

During this period, she will be unable to fulfill official duties, entrusted to the Prime Minister. Park will only possess the honorific title of president.

Last week, the dismissal motion had the support of 171 independent and opposition MP’s out of a total of 300. Therefore, they lacked the support of 29 members of Saenuri.

The corruption scandal was triggered by Park’s best friend, Choi Soo-Sil, who used her close relationship with the South Korean president to obtain several financial benefits. The entrepreneur was arrested and her trial will be scheduled in the following months.

The corruption scandal, which in the last two weeks caused major public demonstrations, in which the participants demanded the resignation of Park Geun-Hye , because she helped her close friend Choi Soon-Sil to benefit from government services.