Aarhus, city of happiness

Aarhus, the city of happiness, cafes and youth was nominated for the cultural capital of Europe in 2017 and the European Region of Gastronomy 2017.

Happiness on a daily basis

Aarhus is this year’s Lonely Planet list of the top 10 destinations that you must visit in 2017.

Aarhus and its surroundings form the largest concentration of attractions in Denmark: the beach, the harbor, the fjords and forests are just 15 minutes away by bike.

The city is very popular among gourmet lovers. You can find here the best places to eat in the whole region and one of the most famous food festivals in the world.

Here, gourmet standards are extremely high and chefs make no compromises in terms of quality. Michelin-starred restaurants honored this town, settling it in the prestigious gastronomy elite in the world.

The most tasteful fish, local delicacies, fruits and vegetables are all to be found on the island of Samsoe and Jutland peninsula. These are the strengths of Nordic cuisine in Aarhus.

Of course, the most sought after Danish food of the moment is the classic ‘smørrebrød’.

Aarhus has it all: Italian cuisine, Greek food, Danish, Chinese dishes, Thai, French or north Argentinean, foods for all tastes.

When you are willing to take a break from these feverish delicacies, find out that Aarhus is also the number one shopping destination in Scandinavia.

If you come here, do not forget to drink a cappuccino in the sun!

Aarhus is the second largest city in Denmark, located on Jutland peninsula’s east coast.