A British neo-Nazi party is likely to be prohibited in the kingdom after it was branded as a terror organization.

An official motion proscribing fascist party National Action will be presented on Monday in front of the Parliament.

This is the first time a British far-right team manages to be banned in the United Kingdom.

The self-styled ‘nationalist childhood movement’ glorified and named as a leader Thomas Mair, the same criminal who killed Labour MP Jo Cox.

The murderer encourages his sympathizers to use anti-semitic language inspired by Adolf Hitler’s Nazi party.

The group based in Yorkshire includes more than 100 fascists and promotes the ‘lone wolf activism’, a term used on their site to promote the actions of terrorism committed by some of their supporters.

‘VoteLeave, don’t let this man’s sacrifice go in vain. Jo Cox would have filled Yorkshire with more subhumans!’, represents the description of an image posted recently on Twitter by the group. The same picture featured their leader, Thomas Mair.

The neo-Nazi leader was condemned to life in prison after he committed murder last month. According to the British press, the 53-year old owns a Third Reich eagle monument, embellished with other Nazi paraphernalia and a swastika. The monument is placed right in his bedroom, among other Nazi-inspired objects.

The National Activity branch based in Yorkshire was found guilty for trying to incite and promote the killing of the Jewish community.  On their Twitter page they are using the most disturbing term to describe Jews during the Holocaust: ‘Tykes gassin K#kes is our slogan, #Yorkshire wants you #AntiCommunism #ProNationalSocialism #DefendBritain.’