Space trash represents a severe issue because our planet is, literally, surrounded by large amounts of waste. Fortunately, we now have the solution.

A spatial garbage collector is quite different from a classic vehicle that collects trash. Mostly, because the spatial device has nothing to do with the smelling waste.

However, they have the same purpose: the keep the environment as clean as possible.

Japan sent to the International Space Station a special ship. Following a collaboration with a company what manufactures fishing nets, the scientist from JAXA created an experimental vessel able to collect trash from the orbit.

The world is in a desperate need for such initiatives, given the 100 million pieces of waste currently orbiting the Earth. The substantial amount of waste could become a problem for future space travel.

The innovative module which collects trash from space using an electro-dynamic ‘rope’ is composed of thin wires of aluminum and steel.

Also, this invention will generate electricity as you cross the planet’s magnetic field, which could cause garbage to change its trajectory. Thus, the waste can enter into the atmosphere and disintegrate before reaching Earth.

‘The rope is based on a blending technology found in fishing nets, but it was difficult to finish the project given the very thin materials’, says Katsuya Suzuki quoted by

‘This rope has a length of 700 meters, but in the future, it will have between 5 and 10 kilometers to slow down as efficiently as space trash’, added the specialist.

If such a system proves to be effective, other modules will be launched into space in the upcoming year. The scientific community is hoping that by mid next decade we will have an effective way to get rid of the spatial waste.