On December 16, Huawei is holding a special event in China to launch the smartphone ‘Honor Magic’. This smartphone will showcase the best technology that the company can incorporate into a smartphone.

There have been a few controversial rumors about this new device such as the fact that it won’t be equipped with a built-in camera or speaker. However, users will be given the freedom to add these features through some form of modules.

The image of the Honor Magic revealed a screen featuring curved display technology, the Honor Magic could be the new king of display-to-body ratios.

According to GSMARENA,  the name of this new device suggests its fast charging power (0-50% in just 5 minutes), which is seen to be premiering with the phone, and another interpretation of a bezel-less display.

The first leaked picture of the Honor Magic is presenting the smartphone while a user is setting up its fingerprint recognition option.

Huawei is describing the Honor Magic as a ‘concept device’, similar to how Xiaomi described their Mi Mix as ‘the best of what the company can accomplish at the moment in terms of technology development’.

Although the general rule is that concept devices are not for sale, Xiaomi released the Mi Mix into the market and sold out in 10 seconds thanks to  the massive demand for the smartphone and the low initial supply strategy of Xiaomi .

It is believed that Huawei is looking to replicate the same success that Xiaomi had with their concept device.

What other magic this Honor Magic device will have and will it be able to challenge Xiaomi’s Mi Mix? We’ll know for sure once the smartphone is released on December, 16.