Dozens of demonstrators painted their naked bodies in red and gathered on Sunday in central Barcelona to protest against the fur industry.

‘How many lives sacrificed for a coat’, suggested a placard carried by 53-year-old Luisa Escribano and her 21-year-old daughter Barbara. The two women were kneeling with the rest of the demonstrators, while they were lying on each other.

Luisa believes that ‘the fate of those animals is largely ignored by the general public and the awareness must be highlighted’.

‘Fur garments are associated with luxury and fashion, which is wrong’, said protestant Aida Gascon.

Aida is also the one of the leaders of the AnimaNaturalis organization.

Every year over 60 million animals from all around the world – of which over 32 million from the European Union – are killed to produce fur coats or other clothing items, claims the AnimaNaturalis association.

Europe produces 70% of mink fur worn around the world and 63% of fox fur, according to the organization.

Denmark and Finland are the largest producers and exporters of fox fur and mink in the world. Russia, Canada and the Netherlands are also major producers.

The use of fur in the clothing industry has increased significantly in the recent years. Besides clothes entirely made out of fur, fur is also used as an accessory for scarves, collars, hoods, hats and boots. Many international companies, such as H & M, Esprit or American Apparel were massively criticized for commercializing such products.

According to a press release, it is estimated that each year more than 100 million animals are bred in excruciating conditions and then killed for their fur.