A huge crack located by a group of experts in Antarctica enlarged significantly in the last few years.

According to experts, the crack will form a new glacier in the South Pole. The enormous glacier, which will break in a matter of weeks, was formed on top of a small crack, which now measures a staggering 110 kilometers in length and 100 meters wide.

The depth of the crack represents the most worrying aspect: 500-meters in depth, measures the ginormous hole from the Larsen ice strip.

In the past 20 years, the Larsen rift included two glaciers, known as A and B. Both of them cracked, a similar phenomenon to the one that occurred now.

The unnatural was caused by the large size of the tear and the most influential factor is the global warming.

The reality might become even more catastrophic, considering that in the past five years the experts noticed a worrying number of cracks on the Earth’s surface.

A mysterious hole was discovered in Mexico two years ago and before that, two other cracks were reported in Siberia.

Shortly after the mysterious phenomenon from Mexico and Siberia were reported, a lake was formed in the desert in Tunisia.

These cracks and holes appeared in the past five years in U.S., Pakistan and other corners of the world.

It seems that the earth begins to crack … and the only one who knew something about these unusual events was the American mystic Edgar Cayce.

‘The earth will break in several places. South American will be shaken from its uppermost part, all the way to Antarctica’, was the prophecy of Cayce, who passed away in 1945, in Virginia.