Donald Trump has denied that global warming is true. As such the Department of Energy is wary about the President Elect’s intention with the people that have studied and worked on climate change projects in the department, so they are refusing to name them to Trump’s transition team.

According to Jennifer Ludden from NPR, this request was one part of a 74-question document sent to the Department’s employees. She reports “The Trump team wants the names of career employees and contractors who attended U.N. climate talks over the past five years. It also wants emails about these meetings.”

On Tuesday, the Department of Energy commented on the issue, saying that the document in question “unsettled” many people working in the department and that it would “be forthcoming with all publicly available information” but will not mention “any individual names.”

The document has been seen by the workers of the department and critics of Trump’s as a step forward to a purge of climate scientists from the new administration. Jennifer Ludden reports:

“They’re unnerved. They’re concerned. They this kind of letter is not really normal. Senator Ed Markey sent a letter to Trump warning that if people are penalized for simply doing their jobs that it’s going to amount to an ‘illegal political witch hunt’ – that’s a quote. The Union of Concerned Scientists also issued a statement saying this seems designed to intimidate workers. And they said it, quote, ‘smacks of McCarthyism.’”