France: the state of emergency extended for the fifth time until July 15

French deputies adopted the fifth extension of the emergency post-bombing state, with 288 votes for and 32 against, until July 15 next year, the date of presidential and legislative elections, according to AFP.

This expansion, voted on Tuesday night, should be confirmed by the Senate on Thursday to avoid an automatic interruption of the state of emergency on December 22.

If the senators will follow the deputies’ vote, which should be only a formality, France will experience the longest period of uninterrupted state of emergency – 20 months – from the moment this exceptional regime was introduced, during the Algerian war, AFP noted.

France imposed the emergency state on November 13, 2015, following the attacks that occurred that day, causing 130 deaths in Paris and Saint-Denis.

Starting November 26, 2015, the Parliament extended the decree until February 26, and then another two months, from 26 May to 26 July. The state of emergency was prolonged to ensure the safety at two major sporting events: Cycling Tour of France and Euro 2016.

The fourth extension occurred after the terrorists bombed Nice. This tragic event caused the death of 86 persons.

A large part of the majority and opposition MPs supported this fifth extension. Only the Left Front deputies, some environmentalists and lawmakers voted against it.

The state of emergency allows house arrest, administrative searches, ban marches, identity checks and close inspections of luggage and vehicles.

Prolonging the emergency state until July 15 would allow overcoming the presidential elections in April-May and the legislative ones in June, in order to leave it to the new government to decide whether they would dismiss the decree or not.