Syrian activists claim that multiple military jets resumed the bombing campaign in the rebel areas from eastern Aleppo, endangering the cease-fire, reports The Associated Press.

Media activist Mahmoud Raslan reported that an aircraft attacked the Ansari rebel district of the city on Wednesday.

According to him, the jet ‘began to attack like the cease-fire was non-existent’ and the air raid represented a ‘de factor’ announcement that ‘they will kill us all’.

A member of the rescue teams located in eastern Aleppo, Alhaji Ibrahim, confirmed the existence of these raids. It is not known whether the planes belong to the Syrian regime or Russia.

Russia and Turkey initiated the cease-fire on Tuesday, planning to evacuate the Syrian rebels and civilians trapped in eastern Aleppo, but their plans were ruined on Wednesday.

On Tuesday, Russian UN Ambassador Vitaly Churkin, announced the end of the military confrontation after Syrian security services gained full control over the Syrian city.

‘The latest information we have received in the last hour suggest the military operations from Aleppo ended’, said Tuesday evening Vitaly Churkin, Russia’s United Nations ambassador.

‘Syrian government troops have full control over the eastern part of the city Aleppo and now they began the humanitarian operations’, stated Churkin quoted by Tass.

Russia is one of the main allies of Bashar al-Assad’s Administration and their air force carried out numerous bombing campaigns to help the Syrian army.

On Tuesday morning, the Syrian army has agreed to allow the exit of insurgents and civilians trapped in the east section of Aleppo.

Syria is facing, since March 2011, repressed violence and military manifestations between the Bashar al-Assad Administration, opposition forces and terrorist groups.

According to the most recent balance estimated by the UN, 270,000 people died in this war.