The spectacular project entitled ‘Asian Cobra Tower’ was designed by Vasili Klyukin, a visionary architect which breaks the mold of traditional construction.

The Russian genius projected the building claiming the impressive skyscraper that looks like a snake will be situated in a major city of the Middle East.

The majestic design has a cylinder-shaped base to mimic the body of a cobra and a gaping head – designed to accommodate a ‘restaurant or a nightclub’ with a terrace.

‘Usually, skyscrapers compete in height but I wanted to compete in beauty. I played with shapes and lines’, said Vasily Klyukin during an interview Designboom.

‘In Japan, to tell someone he looks like a snake represents a compliment. In China, dragons and snakes represent the same thing: a symbol of wisdom and eternal life. This tower would embellish any Eastern city’, explained Klyukin.

Another impressive feature of the building will be, just as happens in the case of real snakes when they shed skin, the skyscraper will be specially designed to change colors, confessed the Russian architect.

Included in the designs for the black and gold snake are changeable lights that run right up the structure, and a diamond pattern on the back to reflect Ying and Yang.

Another futuristic project executed by Russian skyscraper is inspired by how the statues were carved in ancient Greece.

The impressive project was inspired by Greek goddess Nike of Samothrace, a marble sculpture from II century before Christ.

The stunning building with open wings represents a mixture of ancient and modern ultra-architecture.