Huda Kattan is one of the most famous bloggers in the world.

The young 32-year-old is omnipresent on social media, offering the most fun and useful tips about make-up, skin care and hairstyling. Since she started this, her videos brought her more than 15 million followers and her business is growing so fast, her husband was forced to quit his job in order to run Huda’s empire.

Huda is so popular on the Internet, especially in the Arab countries that she managed to appear on the cover of Harper’s Bazaar Arabia.

In the interview attached to the sexy shoots, Huda confessed that she always wanted to become a makeup artist and life offered her more than she can carry.

Teaching young girls how to apply makeup, to contour lips and to apply false eyelashes turned her into one of the most successful women from the beauty industry.

Every single product that has Huda’s face on the packaging disappears from shelves in a matter of minutes.

Her false eyelashes brand and the pencil to outline lips became instant hits shortly after the worldwide launch.

‘I design every single detail of every single product myself,” she tells BoF. “If I’m not offering something different that would add value to my customers, there’s no way I’m going to sell it. It’s the only way I can guarantee the best for my followers’, confessed the beautiful Arabian.

Her company is based in Dubai and her team includes 44 full-time staff members.