Venezuela sets free from jail 4 enemies of President Maduro

The 4 prisoners were put behind bars because they were accused of plotting against the Venezuelan government and committing acts of violence.

Venezuela set free from jail President’s Nicolas Maduro opponents on Tuesday, 13 December. The released individuals are Gilberto Sojo (bank messenger), Vladimir Araque (engineer), Romer Mena (retired general) and Leopoldo D’Alta (lawyer).

Sojo, Araque, Mena and D’Alta were among Maduro’s enemies and were put behind bars when he won the election in 2013 against Hugo Chavez.

They have all been arrested in the following two years, under the accusation of plotting against the Venezuelan government and committing several acts of violence. They did not take the blame, denying all charges.

‘I’m so happy after living through these storms,’ Sojo cheerfully declared for Reuters after regaining his freedom.

Along with this measure, the activists took the courage to request the government to release 100 other convicts, imprisoned on false charges.

Jesus Torrealba, the leader of the opposing Venezuelan coalition, declared that he faced mixed feelings when he heard the news: happiness for the freed ones and anger over the still detained others.

‘All the political prisoners are innocent; they all deserve freedom,’ he added.

The government blamed the opposing Venezuelan coalition of having been determined by the United States to monopolize the power through a coup.

Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro has denied the existence of any political convicts in the country.

The country’s stability may fall again to pieces as it did in the past, when people were united in the streets, shouting for Maduro’s resignation.