A three-day drink and drug fueled party help by hundreds of teenagers left a luxury flat completely destroyed.

The new apartment, whose rent was 100 pounds a night, was found with trashed furniture and vomit splashed on the walls when the police broke the party and forced the teenagers out.

The people who lived in the area called the police out of fear for their safety as the party broke out into the streets, with hundreds of drunk young people partying all night.

A resident from the luxury Gants Hill, Essex’s apartment block said she was “disgusted” by the party goers who were high on laughing gas and vomited outside the building as her small children witnessed the whole thing.

“I saw fighting, and when we were coming down the stairs they were vomiting,” she said. “There were little canisters of laughing gas everywhere and glass and rubbish. I was disgusting. We have got kids in this place. It’s an expensive building and families live here.”

The rave which included minors as young as 16, started last Wednesday and lasted until there were ran off by the police on Saturday.

Apartments in the new building can sell for 300,000 pounds, the construction of it being finished just last June. It looks like the teenagers rented the third-floor flat short term by using the Booking.com website.

“This is the first trouble we have had here,” said another neighbor. “We had no idea the flat was being used as a hotel, but my neighbor looked them up and apparently flat three and flat eight are being used as a hotel. They left beer cans, whiskey bottle and cigarette butts and all sorts in the stairs.”

Booking.com stated that the party was just a “rare and unfortunate” event.