What seemed like an ordinary package delivery turned deadly for Flipkart’s employee Nanjunda Swamy. The 29-year-old Flipkart delivery man was murdered, his throat cut after the recipient of the package realized he didn’t have the money to pay the phone he bought online.

The killer 22-year-old, fitness trainer K Varun Kumar was out of 11,999 rupees for the new Redmi Note 3, and allegedly murdered and disposed of the man’s body by throwing it in the elevator shaft of a building in Vijayanagar area.

The police stated that the killer desperately needed a new phone after ten days prior was hired by the gym and all his clients and friends had one. His father, a car mechanic, refused to lend him the money, as he didn’t have enough cash. The police determined that Varun reached the conclusion that by killing the delivery agent in the only solution and premeditated a plan to do it.

He ordered the phone on December 8th. A day later Swamy called Varun and met him to deliver the package. As he didn’t had any money, Varun tried to grab it but the delivery man managed to overpower him and ran. The killer hit him in the head with a flower put. When the victim fell to the ground Varun hit him again and then slit his throat with a knife he had stashed as part of the plan.

“After murdering the victim around 12.45 pm, the accused hid the body inside the gym as he had difficulties in shifting it. At the time of the incident, there was nobody in the gym. When a few customers came for the evening session, Varun sent them back after cooking up a story. Later in the night, after the bank on the first floor and a fruit stall in the basement had shut for the night, Varun shifted the body around 11 pm to the basement. He kept the body in the lift shaft and escaped,” said an officer who is part of the investigations.

The police have charged him murder and robbery. “It was a pre-planned murder as he had kept the kitchen knife in the gym a day before the phone was to be delivered,” said the investigators.