The first teaser trailer for Christopher NolanDunkirk consisted of only a few shots, with the highlight on a group of British soldiers looking up to the sky as the sounds of German planes became louder.

The teaser did not reveal too much, quite the opposite, it seems to have been created just to announce the film’s presence.

When the teaser trailer for Dunkirk was released in August, fans complained about the absence of Harry Styles, who makes his feature film debut.

Fans will be now able to watch the full length trailer and get a bit more insight into the storyline of the movie and yes, they will get to see more of Harry Styles (and his new haircut) who will be featured a couple of times throughout the trailer. His character, Tommy is joining a band of young soldiers during the evacuation of Dunkirk, one of the most important moments for the Allies in WWII.

The film, based on an original screenplay by Nolan, will also star Tom Hardy, Cillian Murphy, Kenneth Branagh, Glynn-Carney, Barry Keoghan and Oscar-winner Mark Rylance.

One of the most dramatic scenes of the trailer shows Tommy gasping for breath underwater drowning.  But ‘will Styles’ character survive?’- is the main question asked on social media by Style’s fans. Well, they’ll have to wait until the 21st of July when Dunkirk is available in theaters.

Styles revealed in Another Man‘s Autumn/Winter 2016 issue, ’My first day on set was so cold,’. ‘There was sand in my eyes’, Harry recalled.