The most luxurious hotel room has bulletproof windows

A night here will cost you € 20,000.

Have you ever thought about how secure are hotel rooms where major celebrities choose to spend the night?

In Milan, there is a hotel that has the most luxurious and most secure room in the world. A night here will cost you € 20,000, but you can be sure you’ll sleep safely.

We are talking about ‘Katara Suite’ room, as it’s called, from Excelsior Gallia Hotel, which measures 10 764 square meters, has its own elevator, a conference room and four bedrooms, as The Mirror informs.

Indeed, it is far from a simple hotel room, but rather a luxurious apartment equipped with bulletproof windows.

The room has received the highest rating from World Travel Awards. They say the incredible hotel room is usually reserved for diplomats and other politicians, for whom it ensures a very strong and discreet security.

The four bedrooms are equipped with huge beds and chandeliers made of Venetian Murano glass. Each room is decorated differently, has its own theme and has designer made furniture.

There is always a butler available 24/24 for the Katara’s occupant, in order to satisfy all his requests. The meal is served in the guest room, which has enough space for ten people.

Another room is equipped with Romanesque gold columns, covered with black marble floor and a huge skylight ceiling. Customers can also enjoy SPA facilities: sauna, jacuzzi or Turkish baths.

Excelsior Hotel was inaugurated in 1932 and was recently renovated under the guidance of Milanese designer, Marco Piva. The building is located in the center of Milan.